• Creating A Strong 5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay

    Are struggling to write an argumentative essay? You better pay close attention to this service because it contains amazing tips and hints that will help you to create a good essay. Argumentative essays are among the easiest essays to write. It is simply developing an idea and supporting it with all you got. It is simple, isn’t it?

    However judging by the reactions of most teachers, students do not get it right. Hence we have to question whether it is easy or this is just a theory. There are a few important steps that are required when writing this type of essay. The first step is quite general; planning.

    You have to plan your work. You will agree with me when I say: Planning makes the hardest essays easy to write and lack of planning complicates even the easiest essays. Have you ever rushed to start writing and then stopped in the middle with no points in mind? It is stressful, isn’t it?

    It only takes about 5 minutes to plan. You think critically about the topic, note down the ideas you have developed, arrange them in a logical order, countercheck and you are done. Is it hectic? This 5 minute process will save you the agony of a mind block at the course of writing.

    A 5 paragraph argumentative essay generally contains 4 main sections:

    1. Introduction

    You have to make the introduction count. It is the first part and it is the paragraph that grabs the attention of the readers. The first sentence in particular is the hook that either catches the readers’ attention or loses it; you have to create a spectacular one. Here, your choice of words is very critical.

    You then develop your argument using a general approach to assist the readers to understand what you are talking about exactly. Towards the end of your introduction, you should develop a thesis statement. You introduce your readers to the specific argument you are trying to prove. This is a preview of what the entire essay will be about.

    1. Support your argument

    This is the body of the essay. You have to convince your readers beyond reasonable doubt. The best way is to state a point and support it with relevant evidence. Provide as much evidence as possible and use as many strong points as you can. Each and every sentence should add value to the success of the argument.

    This part should be around two paragraphs long. One paragraph is definitely not enough for a perfectly developed argument.

    1. Refute the argument of your opponents

    Here you state the arguments and points of your opponents and provide suitable evidence to refute their claims. This rebuttal should completely disqualify their point of view leaving the readers with no other option but to support your argument.

    1. Conclusion

    The conclusion leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the readers therefore it must work to your advantage. You should explain the importance of the subject matter just like you did in the introduction. Finally, you can show how the world would be if your point of view is not implemented before closing with a superb closing statement.


    This is how simple an argumentative essay is. Follow these tips for absolute success.

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