• Ideas For Your Essay About Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar is one of the most recognizable figures of early Roman history. Not only was he a consul of Rome, but after, he became a dictator and made many changes to Roman life, some that still affect the world today. Here are ten interesting topics to inspire your next essay about Julius Caesar. If you need help writing an awesome essay, find help here.

    1. Leadership

    Julius Caesar is most known for his leadership of Rome. He led Rome through war and conquest. What did his military decisions say about his leadership? What was his ruling style? Do you think he was more interested in power, money or something else?

    1. Dictatorship

    How did Caesar become the dictator of Rome? How did he rise to power? What decisions did he make during this time?

    1. Literature

    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare weaves real historical events and people with fictional ones. Compare and contrast the portrayals of events and characters from the play to how they were in reality.

    1. Caesar and Cleopatra

    During the Egyptian Civil War, Caesar helped Cleopatra fight back. How did Caesar’s intervention affect Egyptian and Roman history? Do you think that Caesar made a good decision? What might have changed if he didn’t help Cleopatra?

    1. Art

    Julius Caesar inspired many different works of art before and after his time. Pick a few pieces and do an art critique. Then, describe what they say about Caesar and the culture and time period that the pieces were created in.

    1. Assassination

    Julius Caesar might be best known for his unfortunate death. Write about his assassination and why and how he was murdered. Then describe the literature and art that were inspired by the event.

    1. Changes during his dictatorship

    Caesar developed and enforced the Julian calendar during his dictatorship which is nearly the same as the Western calendar. What other changes did he make during his dictatorship? Do any of them still affect the world today? How did they change Rome?

    1. Divus Julius

    Divus Julius means “Divine Julius”. It was a name given to Caesar after his death praising him for his leadership. It later became the name of a cult that praised and honored him. Caesar’s Comet was even named after him. Why did he get so much praise from the Roman people? Describe the ways that he was deified.

    1. Important people

    Name and describe the important people in Caesar’s life. Why were they important? What roles did they play in his life?

    1. Personal Life

    What was Caesar’s personal life like? Who was in his family? What events happened to him, separate from the government? He may have been a victim of seizures or migraines. Why do scholars speculate this?


    These ten topics should help to inspire your next essay. If you are still having trouble finding a topic that interests you, do some research first. By getting to know the topic firsthand, you’ll be able to find different parts of it that interest you.

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