• Key Ideas To Discuss In Your Evolution Vs. Creationism Essay

    Writing an essay about evolution vs. creationism can be a very controversial assignment. It’s important to understand how to best present your thoughts while still acknowledging the ideas presented by the opposing side. Here are some tips to help you understand how an argumentative paper like this works, and how to make it your own.

    The Best Argumentative Essay

    In order to be successful, it’s important to know what you’re up against. Understanding the structure and requirements involved with an argumentative paper is crucial so that you can then persuade your audience of your point of view. Here is the basic outline as well as information for each section:

    1. Introduction


    It’s important that you make your introductory paragraph intriguing to draw your readers in and maintain their attention throughout the rest of your paper. Keep in mind that you need to present background information for your claim, that you state a brief explanation of the issue being discussed, and wait until the end to present your readers with your claim.


    1. Background Paragraph


    The purpose of this paragraph is to give readers the foundation before you jump into your argument. This particular section is optional at times, so be sure to check with your instructor whether you need to include this or not. This can often include an explanation of basic terms that will be used to help give readers a clearer understanding of what’s being discussed.


    1. Supporting Evidence Paragraphs


    You need to be able to back up your argument, and this is where you do it. You need to give each paragraph a topic sentence, introduce the supporting evidence, explain the evidence, and then put in a strong concluding sentence that helps tie each supporting paragraph back to your claim.


    1. Counterargument Paragraph


    This is where you talk about the other side of the discussion. Be sure to present yourself in an objective and reasonable manner. Give your readers a well-rounded explanation so that they can clearly see both sides of the issue. Be sure to refute the arguments that you list as counters so that your readers can see that your point of view is the right one.


    1. Conclusion


    Within your conclusion you need to tie up loose ends, and you should be able to explain to your readers why you care about this issue, the significance of your claim, as well as a strong closing statement for your readers as this will be the lasting impression that they take away from your piece.

    Writing Tips

    When writing an argumentative paper like this, it’s important to keep in mind good writing tips. You can also turn to this site if you need further assistance on how to write an essay.

    • Use Strong Resources

    Be sure that whatever evidence you use comes from the most reliable and credible sources possible.


    • Format Your Paper Properly

    Be sure to refer to your assigned writing style to ensure that any and all formatting requirements are being met throughout your paper.


    As you can see, writing an essay about evolution vs. creationism can take a lot of time and effort. However, with the understanding of what’s required, as well as the writing tips presented above, you should have no trouble presenting your argument and persuading your audience that your side is the right side.  

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