• The Internet is full of various academic writing services. Should you trust most of them? No! The truth is that very few companies are reliable and trustworthy. Most of the others are simple there to take your money and waste your time. They are scams. Good companies will always reply to your emails in timely fashion (in less than 24 hours in most cases). Also, good companies will offer extensive samples and even a small free trial. It can be very difficult to find the right company to work with if you need essays, dissertations, theses, or homework done professionally. You can get quick assistance from this company if you don’t want to do the hard work and search for the best agency yourself.

    What Defines A Trustworthy Academic Writing Company?

    There are a multitude of factors you need to consider when selecting the company to work with. The simple truth is that is an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Professional writers and experienced editors are no cheap. Consequently, companies claiming to employ such professionals cannot come up with extremely low quotes.

    Here are a few things to keep an eye on when searching for the best academic writing company:

    • Does the company employ ENL writers? You need to work with native English speakers to avoid editing and proofreading your paper for countless hours.

    • Does the company offer any guarantees? A 100% money back guarantee shows that the agency trusts its staff and that it is sure it will deliver top quality essays on time.

    • Does the agency offer to allow you to communicate with the writer directly?

    • Does the service have mostly positive reviews on the Web? Trustworthy companies earn clients, and many of these clients leave reviews. You can learn a lot about the service by reading reviews left by other students.

    • Does the website of the agency contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes? Stay away from services that claim they can compose academic papers but don’t know how to write the content of their own website.

    Don’t Worry; There Are Many Reliable Services Out There

    You just need to find them. The best way to find the best agency is to do the research and carefully look at everything. Compare what different companies have to offer. You may get a free trial for your first project, so take advantage of this to see how the agency handles its clients. If you are satisfied, you can safely work with them on more complex papers.


    Any reliable company has dozens of samples and they should be more than willing to show them to you. If they make up excuses, don’t even bother emailing them; they’re a scam! Also, keep in mind that there are very elaborate scams out there. Pay close attention to how they write in their email responses. Also, keep an eye out for any warning signs that something is wrong with that particular writing service. Always start with a small project to test the waters. This way, if you unfortunately do fall prey to a swindle, at least you’ll lose just a few bucks.

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  •   Friendship is magic, as the old saying goes. It’s something primal, something deceptively simple and yet oh so complex… somehow. Putting into words what true friendship means can be an oddly challenging task. Having friends makes life easier; it makes the whole world go ‘round. But if a college professor ever tasks you with talking at-length – in an academic and scholarly fashion – about friendship? Well, suddenly it gets complicated. Today, we’re here to help, so stay tuned, grab a friend, and read on.


    Think Sequentially


    How did you meet your friend? Everyone has a story about this stuff, so tap into that fateful first encounter and paint the scene using descriptive text and a flair for the dramatic. What drew the two of you together, exactly? What has kept you together throughout the months, years, even decades? What are your fondest memories together? Have there been times in which your friendship has proven to be a trying experience?

    Jot down an outline chronicling the chronology of your friendship. You can cross out superfluous matter later, but for now, try to be thorough. If you need help constructing outlines, you can always get online help.


    Think Personally


    You and your friend may be like two peas in a proverbial pod. Alternatively, you may outwardly appear nothing alike, tilting heads whenever the two of you show up in public together. Either way, there is probably something about your contrasting personalities which draws you both together. How does your friend handle stress? How do you handle stress? What is your friend’s philosophy on good living? What about yours?

    Compounding this, you should also be thinking seriously about your respective upbringings. Was childhood hard for you or your pal? Why or why not? Are there shared aspects to the struggles of your early lives? If so, is this bond a big deal? If not, does one of you inspire the other? Indeed, many of the very best friendships feature two buddies who inspire one-another constantly. This is all well worth writing about.


    Think Structurally


    Now that you have a basic framework, it’s time to consider structure and tone. Remember, you want to keep things academic, but a topic like this allows for plenty of flavor, too. Pepper in lots of examples of your favorite memories together, and do so with a cleanly visible timeline from the beginning of your friendship to the current phase. You can write about your aspirations for the future, too, and any big life events en route for one or both of you, and how you intend to share those future memories.


    Involve Your Friend


    We’ll leave you with this: when writing essays, it’s never a bad idea to include peer review in the process, for constructive criticism and to hear your writing aloud (which helps with grammar and flow). In this case, however, there is more reason than ever to ask a friend; after all, they’re the subject of your writing! They may remember some things a bit differently than you do, which is an opportunity to add even more fun remembrances (and not-so-fun ones, too!) into the proceedings.


    It’s not just a practical suggestion, either. You can turn this entire exercise into another in a storied line of adventures you’ll share together. And what can be better than that?

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  • Writing a research paper outline on child abuse may initially present itself as a challenging task. Both the title and the outline that you choose to work with are crucial to your success. Within this article, we will examine how to write the best outline possible, as well as some tips to help get you through your assignment.

    The Best Outline

    The best research paper outlines are often the ones that allow for flexibility. While the basic components of this type of work do not change, the actual content is as unique as the individual writing it. It’s important to take this into account when writing your outline. Here are the basic components that you need to help get you started:

    • Introduction

    Your introduction is where you will present your topic and thesis statement to your readers. It’s important to take your time and to find a topic that you are personally interested in as you will be dedicating a lot of time and effort to it. Be sure that you select questions or problems for your thesis that you can tackle within a reasonable time frame.

    You also need to present an abstract within this section of your work. This will be a summary of your work, no longer than two hundred words. This will be one of the final steps to finalizing your paper.


    • Content

    This section of your work will most definitely be the largest, most lengthy part of your paper. Get immediate help here if you’re having any issues with this part of your project. There are various sub-sections within the overall content of your work, including:


    1. Methods and Materials

    You need to address what kind of methods and materials you used to get the answers to the questions you presented earlier. You need to address if you used any specialized equipment or materials but not the commonly used ones. Keep in mind to use only what would be considered relevant to an investigator or other authority regarding methodology explanations.


    1. Results

    Here you will present all of the results that you obtained from the previous methods that you just discussed. Use both quantitative and qualitative data to obtain the most comprehensive results possible. Do not worry if your results aren’t what you initially expected them to be as this is part of the research process, and varies from person to person.


    1. Discussion

    Discuss your results with your audience and relate them back to the problems that you initially addressed in your thesis statement. You need to ensure that there is enough evidence to give your results the support that they need.


    • Conclusion

    Tie up any loose ends and highlight the problems you set out to solve, the answers you got and how you got there. This is to be the summarized version of your project, and it gives readers a sense of closure towards your work.


    While writing a research paper on child abuse may be challenging in more ways than one, you can most certainly get through it. With the help of various resources as well as the basic structural components discussed here, you should have no problem creating your best work yet. 

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  • The role of conclusive paragraphs in paper-writing cannot be understated. Tasked with fulfilling the promises made in the introductory paragraph, the conclusion takes what was stated at the beginning, visibly builds upon it with what was stated in the body paragraphs, and reshapes it into something cohesive, well-detailed, and – above all – memorable to leave things off with. A good ending can have people talking about an article for years to come. A bad one can leave a sour taste for the reader, retroactively checkering everything that came before it, no matter how great your essay was up until that point.

    It’s a lot of pressure, and it can be one of the most intimidating things students face. One of the best things students can do to help with this challenge is to seek out samples of successful essay-closers. This will provide you with a mental framework for what you should be doing; sometimes, you can even find samples of what not to do, and you may find that those lesser works have more in common with your draft than you’d have ever known otherwise.

    But where should you go when you’re looking for a research paper conclusion sample? There are a few avenues of interest, and we’ll examine them each thoroughly so that you can venture forth posthaste!


    If you’re in college, support centers are probably situated within the heart of your university. These comprehensive facilities are designed to help with a wide variety of things, although they can be slow to assist if the day’s a busy one or the staff is still in training. Still, this is a pretty good place to look for sample papers if you’ve got some time to spend. You’re already on-campus, anyway, right? You may as well investigate!

    At Your Favorite Bookstore

    This suggestion also involves having a decent amount of free time on-hand, but if you’ve got an afternoon off from school and from work, you should consider swinging by a bookstore. You can thumb through many sample paper how-to books at your own pace, although you’ll need to fork over some cash if you’ll be wanting to take these books home with you for in-depth study.


    The internet is probably the best resource of all, not just for this but for all sorts of things. There are a multitude of companies available which are designed entirely around the notion of offering time-sensitive students a quick and easy fix for sample essays. It’s a good idea to read the entire paper, not just the conclusion, so that you have a great perception of how conclusions are designed – you’ll get a good feel for the way they restate what was previously written in exciting new ways to drive home main ideas to their readers. Take advantage of this service, for example, and you’ll soon see why we recommend the net above those other venues.

    All The Above

    Perhaps the most sensible thing to do is to check out your school’s learning centers, your local bookstores, and the net. By combining knowledge gained from many sources, you’ll enable yourself to face any challenge, not just in the literary world but anything else you set your mind toward. So chat with faculty tutors, skim through some textbooks, and then spend an afternoon at a nearby coffeehouse browsing sample websites for even more wisdom!


    Whichever approach you choose, we’re confident you’ll find samples to be a real life-saver in the field of writing. Keep at it, and one day your own papers will be so good you can outsource them for students who will be facing those same hardships you’re up against today!

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