• Top 10 Interesting Research Paper Ideas on Current Events

    There are a few things you have to consider when working on a research paper. Ideas or topics for your writing are vast, but it’s better to choose something you know and are interested in. It’s also nice if you choose something relevant. ‘Current events’ is a great topic and you have many things happening in 2017.

    Greatest Research Paper Topics About Current News

    1. US military spending increasing and its effect on the economy.The latest military budget accepted was pretty substantial. If you look at the military spending of other countries, you’ll see they are growing too. How will it affect the economy?

    2. Can a nation be a force keeping the world peaceful?If you don’t know how to write a research paper on this topic, think of the global role of the US in the world. Isn’t it like a world policeman?

    3. Is the 3rd world war coming? There are many crises all over the world. What does this tell you? What are experts saying about WW3?

    4. The case of India growing power?People are generally focused on China, but what about India?

    5. Rising nationalism in Europe.You have it in Eastern Europe, now Western European parties are also gaining popularity. Check Macron – Le Pen election with 2:1 votes.

    6. Israel and the UN, the story of anti-Semitism.Look at the UN documents dealing with Israel. Can you claim they are anti-Semitic in their core?

    7. Growing isolationism in Russia.Is Russia slowly going back to the Iron curtain?

    8. Strikes in Syria.They happened just recently. How will they influence international relations?

    9. The possibility of nuclear war.Think of North Korea and the ships surrounding it to prevent possible activity.

    10. The effectiveness of NATO and the UN. Are these organizations capable of keeping the world peaceful?

    2 Common Writing Tips to Finish Your Paper

    1. Search for information first.Before you try to write a thesis or create an outline for your paper, try to search the Net for videos and news on your topic. That would help you understand the situation better and plan smarter.

    2. Don’t give in to emotions.Some of these topics are really concerning and even scary. Don’t let them confuse you, and remember that a professional paper should be detached.

    There are many interesting things to write about. By choosing current events, you get a chance to read the fresh columns and get familiar with what actually happens around the world. It would be interesting to read and you can easily prove the importance of your study. Stay unemotional and write matter-of-factly to appeal to your audience.

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