• What It Takes To Create An Impressive College Essay About A Friend

      Friendship is magic, as the old saying goes. It’s something primal, something deceptively simple and yet oh so complex… somehow. Putting into words what true friendship means can be an oddly challenging task. Having friends makes life easier; it makes the whole world go ‘round. But if a college professor ever tasks you with talking at-length – in an academic and scholarly fashion – about friendship? Well, suddenly it gets complicated. Today, we’re here to help, so stay tuned, grab a friend, and read on.


    Think Sequentially


    How did you meet your friend? Everyone has a story about this stuff, so tap into that fateful first encounter and paint the scene using descriptive text and a flair for the dramatic. What drew the two of you together, exactly? What has kept you together throughout the months, years, even decades? What are your fondest memories together? Have there been times in which your friendship has proven to be a trying experience?

    Jot down an outline chronicling the chronology of your friendship. You can cross out superfluous matter later, but for now, try to be thorough. If you need help constructing outlines, you can always get online help.


    Think Personally


    You and your friend may be like two peas in a proverbial pod. Alternatively, you may outwardly appear nothing alike, tilting heads whenever the two of you show up in public together. Either way, there is probably something about your contrasting personalities which draws you both together. How does your friend handle stress? How do you handle stress? What is your friend’s philosophy on good living? What about yours?

    Compounding this, you should also be thinking seriously about your respective upbringings. Was childhood hard for you or your pal? Why or why not? Are there shared aspects to the struggles of your early lives? If so, is this bond a big deal? If not, does one of you inspire the other? Indeed, many of the very best friendships feature two buddies who inspire one-another constantly. This is all well worth writing about.


    Think Structurally


    Now that you have a basic framework, it’s time to consider structure and tone. Remember, you want to keep things academic, but a topic like this allows for plenty of flavor, too. Pepper in lots of examples of your favorite memories together, and do so with a cleanly visible timeline from the beginning of your friendship to the current phase. You can write about your aspirations for the future, too, and any big life events en route for one or both of you, and how you intend to share those future memories.


    Involve Your Friend


    We’ll leave you with this: when writing essays, it’s never a bad idea to include peer review in the process, for constructive criticism and to hear your writing aloud (which helps with grammar and flow). In this case, however, there is more reason than ever to ask a friend; after all, they’re the subject of your writing! They may remember some things a bit differently than you do, which is an opportunity to add even more fun remembrances (and not-so-fun ones, too!) into the proceedings.


    It’s not just a practical suggestion, either. You can turn this entire exercise into another in a storied line of adventures you’ll share together. And what can be better than that?

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