• Writing A Research Paper Outline On Child Abuse

    Writing a research paper outline on child abuse may initially present itself as a challenging task. Both the title and the outline that you choose to work with are crucial to your success. Within this article, we will examine how to write the best outline possible, as well as some tips to help get you through your assignment.

    The Best Outline

    The best research paper outlines are often the ones that allow for flexibility. While the basic components of this type of work do not change, the actual content is as unique as the individual writing it. It’s important to take this into account when writing your outline. Here are the basic components that you need to help get you started:

    • Introduction

    Your introduction is where you will present your topic and thesis statement to your readers. It’s important to take your time and to find a topic that you are personally interested in as you will be dedicating a lot of time and effort to it. Be sure that you select questions or problems for your thesis that you can tackle within a reasonable time frame.

    You also need to present an abstract within this section of your work. This will be a summary of your work, no longer than two hundred words. This will be one of the final steps to finalizing your paper.


    • Content

    This section of your work will most definitely be the largest, most lengthy part of your paper. Get immediate help here if you’re having any issues with this part of your project. There are various sub-sections within the overall content of your work, including:


    1. Methods and Materials

    You need to address what kind of methods and materials you used to get the answers to the questions you presented earlier. You need to address if you used any specialized equipment or materials but not the commonly used ones. Keep in mind to use only what would be considered relevant to an investigator or other authority regarding methodology explanations.


    1. Results

    Here you will present all of the results that you obtained from the previous methods that you just discussed. Use both quantitative and qualitative data to obtain the most comprehensive results possible. Do not worry if your results aren’t what you initially expected them to be as this is part of the research process, and varies from person to person.


    1. Discussion

    Discuss your results with your audience and relate them back to the problems that you initially addressed in your thesis statement. You need to ensure that there is enough evidence to give your results the support that they need.


    • Conclusion

    Tie up any loose ends and highlight the problems you set out to solve, the answers you got and how you got there. This is to be the summarized version of your project, and it gives readers a sense of closure towards your work.


    While writing a research paper on child abuse may be challenging in more ways than one, you can most certainly get through it. With the help of various resources as well as the basic structural components discussed here, you should have no problem creating your best work yet. 

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